Afternoon showers to bring Sahara sand with them

A sand dune in the Sahara desert
A sand dune in the Sahara desertPhoto: mehrdad68 / Wikimedia Commons

There's a good chance that sand from the Sahara desert will fall on the Netherlands together with rain showers on Monday afternoon and evening, various weather services expect.

A large cloud of sand blew over Europe this past weekend, and is currently hanging above the Netherlands. As long as it remains dry, the presence of the desert sand is only noticeable in unusually colorful sunrises and sunsets, according to Weeronline. But if it starts raining, people in the Netherlands may notice a layer of sand on their cars and garden furniture.

Especially the western part of the country can expect rain on Monday afternoon and evening, while the chance of showers is small in Groningen and Drenthe.

Weeronline expects Sahara sand in the air for the rest of the week. Meteorological institute KNMI thinks that the sand will disappear by Tuesday.