American couple lied to Malaysian police about sex with Dutch model, private detective says

American couple Alexander and Luna Johnson did not tell the Malaysian police anything about having sex with Dutch model Ivana Smit before her death in Kuala Lumpur, according to British private detective Mark Williams-Thomas. A source from within the Kuala Lumpur police told Williams-Thomas that the couple's statement includes nothing about sex, AD reports.

On Sunday the American couple told a British newspaper that they had a threesome with Ivana on the morning of her death. The Dutch model's naked body was found on a 6th floor balcony of an apartment building in Kuala Lumpur on December 7th. She fell from the American couple's 20th floor apartment. 

Sebas Diekstra, the lawyer representing Smit's family, asked the Dutch Public Prosecutor to request clarification from the Malaysian authorities on what exactly the Johnsons told the police, according to the newspaper.

The Malaysian authorities concluded that Smit's death was an accident. The 19-year-old model's family does not believe this and hired Williams-Thomas to look into what happened. He concluded that if this had happened in the United Kingdom, it would be treated as a homicide. 

Late in December the Dutch Public Prosecutor launched an exploratory investigation into Smit's death, to see if there are grounds for starting a criminal investigation from the Netherlands. According to Ivana's uncle Fred Agenjo, the Prosecutor is still waiting for the autopsy report from the Malaysian authorities, to see if it corresponds to the findings of Dutch pathologist Frank de Groot, who also did an autopsy on Ivana's body. 

The Prosecutor would not confirm this to AD. "It has to do with obtaining information. We are dependent on other countries and as requesting party, we can not set the pace", a spokesperson said.

The family sees the slowness of the investigation as evidence that someone is trying to coverup what happened to Ivana, Agenjo said to the newspaper. He thinks that the American couple's decision to now come out with stories about a threesome is a "strategic campaign" to divert attention. By describing Ivana as a drug-sniffing party animal, the Johnsons are trying to make the Malaysian authorities' conclusion of a fatal accident more plausible, he said according to AD. 

Since the American couple's interview with a British newspaper, the Smit family received cartloads of reactions. "Via email, on social media, you name it. Ivana is put down as a party girl, a sexual predator", Agenjo said. "But even if that image is correct, it does not detract from the fact that a young woman has been deprived of her life."