Father again blocks Amsterdam girl's return: report

Shehzad Hemani, the father of kidnapped 4-year-old Insiya, again managed to block the girl's return from India to the Netherlands. He filed charges against mother Nadia Rashid, resulting in an arrest warrant being issued against her in India - so if she goes to the country to reunite with her daughter, she will be arrested, the Telegraaf reports.

According to the newspaper, last month an Indian court ordered that Insiya be returned to her mother on Tuesday, March 27th. On Thursday the court will rule on an appeal filed by Hemani. But even if the court agrees with the previous ruling that Insiya should be returned, it seems unlikely that Nadia will be able to go to India to get her.

So far Nadia has been unable to get a visa to go to India, and even if she does manage to go to the country, she will face an arrest warrant against her there, the newspaper writes. The police in Mumbai will not retract the arrest warrant until the investigation into the charges pressed against Nadia is complete. 

Nadia is also currently living in a safe house provided by the Dutch police. There are concerns that Hemani's accomplices will try to do something to her, according to the newspaper.

Insiya Hemani was kidnapped from her grandmother's apartment in Amsterdam in September 2016. The police quickly discovered that her father ordered the abduction, but the then 2-year-old girl had already been spirited away to Mumbai. She's been living there with her father since. 

In January Nadia told Dutch media that a court in India ordered Insiya's return to the Netherlands. Shehzad Hemani claims that this was a lie.