Kidnapped Amsterdam toddler in India: report

The father of a girl kidnapped in Amsterdam managed to get her from the Netherlands to Germany, now has her in India, according to the Gelderlander. The newspaper traced Shehzad Hemani and the girl, Insiya, to Mumbai managed to get his kidnapped daughter Insiya to India, according to the Gelderlander, which interviewed his attorney, Gerard Spong.

Witnesses told the newspaper that the 2-year-old Dutch girl is being hidden in the apartment of Hemani's mother'. They saw and heard the toddler, who was violently kidnapped from Amsterdam late in September.

Despite an international warrant, the Indian authorities aren't acting against Hemani, according to the newspaper. The Amsterdam detective team working on Insiya's case aren't getting any response on their requests. 

Insiya was kidnapped in Amsterdam on September 29th by three men. In mid October the Dutch authorities believed that the girl may be in Germany, but a house raid there did not find her. So far four suspects were arrested - one on the day of the kidnapping, one a day later and the other two last week.

Speaking for Insiya's mother Nadia Rashid, counsel Peter Plasman previously stated that it would be only a matter of time before little Insiya was found. Rashi believes the kidnapping is aimed at her, not her daughter. Hemani - an influential man in India -couldn't accept that they left him. 

For some time Hemani threathened Rashid with death, had her followed and placed trackers on her car, she said. There was also a failed kidnapping attempt in January.

"He wants to hurt her with this action." Plasman said, according to the Gelderlander. "Insiya loves her mother. She will miss her terribly. Nadia thinks that she doesn't understand this. That is why we think her father may come to his senses and think 'what am I doing?'. He has the world's juidiciaries after him. This is a man who travels a lot, so it will not make it easier for him."