Kidnapped kid’s father won’t send girl back to Amsterdam; Calls court story “fake news”

Insiya Hemani, kidnapped from Amsterdam in September 2016
Insiya Hemani, kidnapped from Amsterdam in September 2016Photo: Nadia Rashid / Facebook

Shehzad Hemani, the man accused of organizing that his daughter Insiya be kidnapped from her grandmother's home in Amsterdam in 2016 and took her to India, will absolutely not cooperate with a court order to return the now 3-year-old girl to her mother in the Netherlands, he said in a telephonic interview with newspaper AD. According to him, the order from an Indian court does not exist and is "fake news".

Insiya was kidnapped from Amsterdam and taken to India in September 2016. Hemani and the little girl's mother Nadia Rashid were in the midst of a custody battle when this happened. Because the Netherlands does not have an extradition treaty with India, various attempts to get Insiya back to the Netherlands and have Hemani extradited to stand trial on charges of kidnapping, have been unsuccessful. On Tuesday morning, Nadia informed the Telegraaf of a family court ruling in India stating that Insiya must be returned to her by March 27th.

"There is no such ruling from the judge, sir", Hemani said to AD on Tuesday. "Does not exist. It is all made up by Nadia who is working the media. It is fake news. How can I cooperate with a court order that does not exist? Moreover, there was a ruling here before that I have custody of the girl. Why is nothing published about that? Because Nadia did not go to the media with that. I respect every ruling of any judge, but this is simply not true. Moreover, we are not even divorced in India and a divorce must take place in India."

Hemani repeatedly calls Nadia a liar on his social media channels, where he also regularly posts photos of him and Insiya. 

Nadia since responded to Hemani's statements. According to her, he's saying these things because he knows he is in trouble. "I will tell you how it is: he filed a case in India to get custody, and therein lied saying that I live in Mumbai. So I should have been in court. Naturally I appealed and now the court said that Insiya must come to the Netherlands. I am very happy with it", she said to AD. 

She realizes that Hemani's refusal to cooperate will cause problems and that it will likely still be some time before she sees Insiya again. Nadia hopes that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be able to help in getting her daughter back to the Netherlands.