Drachten man suspected of leaking nude footage of Dutch handball team

police. (Photo: Politie)

A man from Drachten is suspected of posting nude images of the Dutch women's handball team, recorded at sauna Oase in Nederasselt, online. He hasn't been arrested yet, but the police confiscated various digital data carriers from him, the police said on Monday.

Last week it was revealed that was leaked to a porn site. The faces of most of the women were clearly recognizable. The owner of the sauna claims that the footage dates from 2015 and that the sauna's security cameras were hacked. were also discovered online. 

Over the weekend the police received dozens of calls in connection with the investigation into the leaked footage. Most were from people asking what to do and how to find out if nude footage of them are floating around online. Sixteen people also filed charges, according to RTL Nieuws. 

The police are investigating the role of the sauna owner and employees in this case. Officers confiscated four cameras from the sauna, including one hidden in the ceiling of the massage room. That camera was active until Thursday last week. 

This week a video showing n, Drenthe was found on popular porn site Xhamster. The video, which shows sauna visitor in the shower, was uploaded to the site four years ago.