Nude videos of Dutch handball team leak online after sauna camera hack

Videos of the Dutch women's handball team naked in a dressing room of sauna Oase in Nederasselt, were posted on a popular porn website for several hours in December. According to sauna owner Erik van Ingen Schenau, the surveillance cameras were hacked, the Gelderlander reports.

Criminals hacked the surveillance cameras in 2015, but only posted the footage online late last year. The hackers immediately told the owner that the cameras were hacked. "I received a mail containing a photo, a still from a video of one of the security cameras", he said to the newspaper. "With the warning that the images would go online in 14 days if I did not immediately remove the cameras."

Van Ingen Schenau turned the cameras off immediately and removed them. "In spite of this, the images did appear online last December. It is possible that the perpetrator shared it with a friend who still felt it necessary to make them public."

The leaked footage are two videos of two and three minutes long. They show seven women, all members of the handball team, undressing to go to the sauna. The faces of most players were clearly recognizable. Some of them were also completely naked. As far as is known, the videos did not surface anywhere else, according to the newspaper.

According to Pieter Bunt, spokesperson for the branch association for sauna and wellness companies, this type of thing will not happen again. "Security cameras in changing rooms have been banned by the government for two years. Sauna fans do not have to be afraid that something like that will repeat itself again."