Nude footage of hundreds of Dutch sauna guests still online: report

In addition of videos of the Dutch women's handball team, nude footage of hundreds of other visitors to sauna Oase in Nederasselt appeared online. Images of at least a hundred naked visitors are still online, AD reports.

AD quotes a hacker who wrote on a forum that he was able to view live footage from the sauna's dressing rooms. The hacker placed images of naked female visitors on the forum. Videos and screenshots from security cameras in three dressing rooms have been available for download since September 2016, according to the newspaper. At least a hundred naked visitors are clearly recognizable on these images. 

Erik van Ingen Schenau, owner of the sauna, confirmed that the footage came from his sauna. He previously said that the security cameras were hacked in 2015 and that he immediately turned off and removed the cameras after the hack.  

Who posted these videos and images online, is not clear.