Some 175 Dutch kids ISIS conflict area: Intelligence agency

Around 175 Dutch children are currently in the former ISIS area in Syria and Iraq, according to the latest figures from general intelligence and security agency AIVD. That is much higher than the around 80 Dutch kids reported to be in the terrorist conflict area last year.

"We are busy collecting information every day. Our image is become increasingly complete and it is the completing of that image that leads to the number of 175", AIVD director Rob Bertholee said to broadcaster BNR. 

Two thirds of these kids were born in the conflict area, and are therefore younger than four years old. Last year the AIVD reported that around 80 Dutch kids are in the conflict zone, of whom 60 are under the age of 9 years. 

All these kids could pose a risk to the Netherlands if they return, according to Bertholee. "Whether they are young or old, they are exposed to violence. In a number of cases they have been trained, either in camps or because the parents were already enthusiastic about it. So you can not just put the children into a class at primary school."

The AIVD expects that despite losing almost all its ground, terrorist organization ISIS will continue to exist underground and will continue to carry out attacks.