Man arrested after threat to Turkish embassy

Arrest (Photo: Politie)Arrest (Photo: Politie)

The police fired warning shots while arresting a 36-year-old man in Dordrecht on Sunday evening. He is suspected of falsely reporting a threat to the Turkish embassy in The Hague. No one was injured, AD reports.

Around 7:00 p.m. on Sunday the man called the embassy and said that two people are planning an attack at the embassy, the police said, according to the newspaper. The police decided not to take any risks, and deployed extra security to the embassy while investigators tracked down the person who made the call.

Investigation led the police to Dordrecht. When the police arrived at his home on Vorrinklaan, the man came outside with what appeared to be a firearm. He did follow police orders, so an officer fired warning shots. The man was arrested. The weapon turned out to be fake.

The 36-year-old man is known to local police officers as being 'disturbed', according to the newspaper. He's made false reports in the past. 

The extra security measures at the embassy were lifted.