Assen teacher convicted in rape of teen student

Scales of justice and gavel on law book
Scales of justice and gavel on law bookPhoto: tomloel/DepositPhotos

A 40-year-old teacher was convicted for the rape of a 13-year-old girl on Tuesday. The teacher at secondary school Terra College in Assen was sentenced to 13 months of imprisonment, of which 10 months are conditional. His victim was one of his young students, according to

He was found guilty of grooming, sexual abuse and child pornography. According to the Public Prosecutor he first started grooming the girl in June last year, encouraging her to take nude photos and sexual videos of herself and send it to him. He allegedly saved those images and also sent her videos showing sexual acts.

At the man's insistence, the girl met him in a remote spot near Assen, the prosecutor said, claiming that's where he committed sexual acts with her. Their contact ended in late August when the girl's parents contacted the school.

The man has also received a restraining order preventing him from getting close to the victim's residence. In addition to this he also got a profession ban, not allowing him to work in schools for five years and he has to be treated for mental disorders. 

The man has been diagnosed as mentally ill and therefore regarded as less than fully accountable for his actions. The sentence of 13 months of imprisonment is substantially lower than the Public Prosecutor's initial demand of three years.