Assen teacher suspected of raping pupil, 13

A 40-year-old teacher from secondary school Terra College in Assen is suspected of raping one of his pupils, a 13-year-old girl. He will appear in court for the first time on Tuesday, AD reports.

The Public Prosecutor suspects the man of first grooming the girl - he encouraged her to take nude photos and sexual videos of herself and send it to him. He saved those images. He also sent her videos showing sexual acts. At the man's insistence, the girl met him in a remote spot near Assen, according to the Prosecutor. There he committed sexual acts with her, and took photographs of their bare torsos. 

According to the Prosecutor, this contact started early June of this year and ended late in August when the girl's parents contacted the school.

The police investigated the case and concluded that the girl was this suspect's only victim, according to the newspaper. The teacher worked for the school for four years, and resigned himself. 

The school is shocked, spokesperson Trijnie van Wijk said to AD. "We sympathize with the pupil and her parents." Other parents and the school's staff were only informed about the affair last week. This happened at the request of the victim and her parents, according to Van Wijk. "They asked us not to communicate about it. As time progressed, the girl struggled with it more and more. She now looks at it differently and wants more openness. That is why we have now informed all pupils, parents and staff."

Van Wijk did not want to give any more information about this case, to protect the victim's privacy and because the case is still in court. The suspect is in custody in the Almelo penitentiary. He is facing charges of raping and abusing a vulnerable minor who was entrusted into his care. The lawsuit against him will appear in court on Tuesday.