Thousands attend Netherlands New Year's firework shows despite rain, strong winds

New Year's fireworks at the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, 1 Jan 2018
New Year's fireworks at the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, 1 Jan 2018Photo: @HostelROOM / Twitter

At midnight the Netherlands welcomed 2018. Thousands of people attended firework shows in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague, despite the rainy and windy weather. A few fireworks shows had to be canceled due to the weather conditions, reports.

The National Fireworks show on and around the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam continued without too many adjustments, according to the newspaper. An estimated 60 thousand people came to watch the fireworks.

Rotterdam also held a special fireworks show for children earlier in the evening. The kids' fireworks show, intended for children too young to stay up until midnight, started at 7:00 p.m. Around 5 thousand children braved the rain to attend, a spokesperson for the organizers said to the Telegraaf. "It was fantastic",  the spokesperson said. "There was a lot of rain, but the children did not let it stop them. They were dancing and had a lot of fun." 

There was also a large fireworks show in Amsterdam, though a number of adjustments had to be made due to the weather conditions, reports. Some 9 thousand people attended the fireworks show on Java island. According to the organizers, the atmosphere was pleasant.

The municipality of The Hague only announced late in the evening that its New Year's Eve fireworks show on Hofvijver would go ahead. Around 15 thousand people attended, according to the newspaper. Another fireworks show in the Laak district was canceled earlier in the day, because the strong winds made it too risky.