German cop killed, 2 hurt in border incident after Dutch alert

A 23-year-old German police officer was killed and two other officers were seriously injured in an accident with a truck on the A61 highway near Viersen, just across the border from the Netherlands. The German police were parked along the highway, waiting for the truck after the Dutch police warned them about the truck's driving behavior, NOS reports.

The accident happened early on Thursday morning. The German police wanted to pull the truck over. But the truck crashed into the police car at full speed, dragging the car about 200 meters. The 23-year-old female officer died at the scene. The condition of the other two officers is unknown. 

According to the Telegraaf, the truck driver did not sustain any serious injuries and was arrested. The truck came from Ukraine. 

The Dutch police could not confirm to the Telegraaf whether they warned their German colleagues about the truck.