Dozens of gunshots ring out on Utrecht street injuring two

Crime scene (Photo: Politie)Crime scene (Photo: Politie)

Two men were injured in a shooting in Utrecht just after midnight on Monday. Both victims were taken to hospital. One of them has "serious injuries", the Utrecht police said on Twitter. The perpetrator is still at large.

The shooting happened around 00:20 a.m. n Sabadreef. Multiple shots were fired. The perpetrator fled in a car. The police are investigating what happened and speaking to witnesses. According to newspaper AD, at least 28 bullet casings were found after the shooting. 

Local residents told the  newspaper that there was shooting on Sabadreef and Orinocodreef. The perpetrator twice shot at two men in a car, before fleeing in a car himself. "We first thought of fireworks", one resident of Sabadreef said to the newspaper. "There were many bangs. We quickly realized that this was something else. Outside we saw a man getting into a car and driving away quickly. Only glass and shells were left behind."

According to her, it sounded like the perpetrator was using a machine gun. "Luckily it was late and there were no children on the street", she said to the newspaper.  The woman called the shooting terrible, especially because it happened in a residential neighborhood. "Let them do this in a meadow further on. It seemed wildwest."