Ammonia leak reported at Geleen chemical site

Industrial area Chemelot in Geleen
The large industrial area Chemelot in Geleen. ()

Emergency services responded to the Chemelot industrial estate near Geleen on Wednesday morning after an alarm was triggered for an ammonia leak. A number of streets in the neighboring district of Lindenheuvel are closed to traffic as a precaution, 1Limburg reports.

The toxic substance leaked around 7:45 a.m., according to the newspaper. Ambulances and fire brigade measuring teams responded. Nobody was injured, and firefighters measured no risky quantities of the hazardous substance around the industrial estate.

The priority now lies in stopping the leak, after which an investigation will be done to determine what caused it.

A week ago, 45 of the 60 factories on the site were shut down due to a failure in the water supply. It took days before all companies were functioning again, according to NOS.