Time to get out the gloves and scarves: cold days ahead for Netherlands

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Cold weather clothing (Photo: Terry Korte/Wikimedia Commons)Cold weather clothing (Photo: Terry Korte/Wikimedia Commons)

The Netherlands has a few winter-cold days coming up later this week, according to Amara Onwuka of Buienradar. It's time to get out gloves, scarves and windshield scrapers, she said to RTL Nieuws.

Today and tomorrow will still be relatively mild, with some showers and occasional sunshine. Minimum temperatures will be around freezing.

From Thursday maximum temperatures in the Netherlands will climb no higher than 5 degrees, and drop below freezing at night. There will also be many winter showers - hailstorms along the coast, and snow further inland.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights' temperatures will also drop below freezing. Only early next week will temperatures mellow out somewhat. Monday will have some showers, but the rest of the week will be mostly dry. Afternoon temperatures will rise to around 8 degrees, and the nights will be less cold.