Kissing women assaulted on Amsterdam street

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Two kissing women were assaulted on an Amsterdam street early on Tuesday morning. One of the victims is documentary maker Denise Kelm Soares, who is in the city for the documentary festival IDFA. She believes they were attacked because of their sexuality, Trouw reports.

A group of women went to the city center for a night out on Monday night and left a club early on Tuesday morning. The two women were attacked as they walked through the city around 4:00 a.m. 

Soares, 31, told Trouw that she was kissing her girlfriend when she suddenly ended up on the floor. She was kicked in her head and her girlfriend in the stomach. There was a lot of blood. The two women went to the hospital for treatment. The injuries they sustained weren't serious, according to the newspaper.

"The emotional attack is the worst", Soares said to Trouw. "When the boys walked away, they laughed. They laughed at us as they ran away."

 A spokesperson for the police confirmed to the newspaper that a police report was filed about the incident, but would say little else. Where exactly the attack happened is also unclear. 

The IDFA released a brief statement saying that the organization is shocked by the attack. "The festival, which has existed for thirty years, considers diversity and inclusiveness to be of paramount importance and aims to provide a platform for all film professionals worldwide, regardless of their race, political opinion, sexual preference or religion."