Enschede lecturer suspended after sexual harassment accusation

Saxion Enschede (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michiel1972). (Saxion Enschede (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michiel1972))

A lecturer at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede was suspended after a female student accused him of sexual harassment, a spokesperson for the university confirmed to RTL Nieuws after reports in newspaper Tubantia.

The incident happened at the Creative Technology Academy over a year ago, but the student only recently reported it to the university. Saxion would not tell RTL whether the suspended lecturer also worked in other departments of the university. 

The university immediately started an investigation after the student came forward, Saxion spokesperson Rob Admiraal said to Tubantia. "The investigation showed unambiguously that there had been unacceptable behavior. Saxion has a zero-tolerance policy, so there is nothing left for us but to start a dismissal procedure."

No other students reported that the involved lecturer showed unwanted behavior towards them. "Of course we checked whether other students were involved, but that investigation did not yield anything", Admiraal said.