Two arrests made in Eindhoven train station kidnapping, rape

Dutch police cap
Dutch police cap

Police arrested two suspects in connection with the kidnapping of a young woman from a train station in Eindhoven. A 31-year-old Alkmaar man was taken into custody on October 26, which police made public on Friday. A 45-year-old was also in custody according to police.

The victim was abducted and pulled into a car by two men in the early morning hours of May 27. She was then kept captive for hours in a house in Son en Breugel, where police say she was raped. When she was released hours later, she immediately called authorities, according to a police report.

The suspects were caught on surveillance cameras in proximity of the station, which police eventually broadcast on Bureau Brabant and Opsporing Verzocht. The first suspect gave himself up at the police station in Eindhoven on Oct. 10, the day of the broadcast. He is the resident of the house where the woman was held captive, and is now under arrest.

Both suspects were arraigned on Wednesday at the Oost-Brabant courthouse. The court ordered both men detained for a further three months while the investigation continues.

Shortly after the crime the victim fell off the radar, and investigators were not able to contact her. As the investigation developed, the serious nature of the crime means that the victim's official statement is not essential for the trial.