First frost of the season in Twente

The first night frost of the season happened in Twente overnight. According to Weerplaza, the mercury dropped to 2.3 degrees Celsius in Twente, and a low temperature of -1.2 degrees was measured at 10 centimeters above the grass.

The first frost of the season happened a bit later than last year, when the first below 0 temperatures of autumn were measured on October 6th. In 2015 the first frost was in September already. 

According to the weather service, Twente is often colder than the rest of the country. The Overijssel city is on sandy soil, which cools down faster on clear nights than clay, for example. The last frost before the summer was also in Twente, where temperatures dropped to -0.1 degrees on June 14th. 

There is little chance of frost for the coming nights. According to Weerplaza, cloud fields and showers will result in higher temperatures on the ground.