Brothers accused of molesting women, teen girls at dentist practice

Apeldoorn brothers Jamrad (32) and Jahid (31) P. are in court this week to defend themselves against accusations that they molested dozens of patients, including underage girls, in their dentist practices in Deventer and Halle. According to the victims, some of them only 13-years-old, the dentist and orthodontist casually touched their breasts and buttocks while they were in the patient chair, and then pretended it was an accident, De Gelderlander reports.

Jamrad P. is a dentist in Halle, and brother Jahid P. is an orthodontist in Deventer, though he often consulted at the Halle practice, according to the newspaper. 

The two were arrested on January 17th, after two women, aged 33 and 36, reported to the police that dentist Jamrad P. touched them inappropriately at his practice. At that time, the police already had six other patients of the brothers who filed charges. They were held in custody and questioned for three days, before being released. After their release, two 13-year-old girls also reported that orthodontist Jahid P. molested them.

On July 7th of this year, both brothers appeared before a disciplinary committee, based on charges from the Healthcare Inspectorate. Jamrad P. was suspended for one year, 10 months of which conditional. Jahid P. was banned from working as an orthodontist ever again. Both appealed against this decision.

In court this week, they must also defend themselves against criminal charges. The brothers refused to comment to De Gelderlander, though their lawyers told the newspaper that they are innocent.