Enschede implements extra security in preparation for anti-Islam, anti-fascist demonstrations

The municipality of Enschede is taking a number of extra security measures in preparation for various demonstrations scheduled to happen in the city on Sunday. Anti-Islam group Pediga arranged a demonstration for Sunday and a number of anti-fascist groups already announced counter demonstrations.

Extra security measures include a ban on face-covering clothing, the police will be allowed to preventatively search people on the streets, and the demonstration areas will be monitored by cameras, RTL Nieuws reports. 

A spokesperson for the municipality told the broadcasters that at this stage, the demonstrations will be allowed to continue as planned, but added that they can still be banned if the municipality can not guarantee public order. "For this reason we are currently watching statements of these groups on social media."

According to Tubantia, Pegida is protesting in Enschede on Sunday to make up for a demonstration that was canceled in June. A number of protesters still showed up in Enschede, despite the demonstration ban, and a total of 10 people were arrested. The Pegida demonstration will start on Bouleavard 1940-1945, and then the protesters will march towards the city center.

Anti-fascist group AFA announced a counter demonstration, which the municipality will allow - but only in Volkspark between 2:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. On the internet other anti-fascist groups, including NoHogesa and Laat ze niet lopen, are also calling on their supporters to go to Enschede and protest against the neo-Nazis, according to the newspaper.