Pegida demonstration set for Enschede on Sunday, despite city's ban

The city of Enschede decided to ban planned demonstrations by Fortress Europe, No Nazis in Enschede and Enschede tegen Racisme on Sunday due to indications that the demonstrations will may lead to confrontations. Anti-Islam movement Pegida, which was set to be part of the Fortress Europe demonstration, is furious about this decision and plans to go through with the demonstration, Tubantia reports.

Part of the Fortress Europe demonstration was a performance by band Kategorie C. According to the municipality, the band is very popular among hooligans that express right-wing extremist ideas. That puts them in direct conflict with No Nazis in Enschede and Enschede tegen Racisme - the two groups oppose any form of right-wing extremism. For that reason, the municipality expects serious disruptions to public order and can not guarantee the safety of the city should the demonstrations go through.

Reports over the past days revealed that the demonstrations are very likely to lead to confrontations, deputy mayor Eelco Eerenberg said to the newspaper. "Therefore I can do nothing else but a total ban on all demonstrations and events on 18 June 2017", he said.

Pegida is not happy with this decision and calls on its supporters to still come to Enschede on Sunday. "I am furious", a Pegida spokesperson said on a video posted on YouTube. "On 12 April I reported our demonstration. On 19 April I received a confirmation. On 3 May I had a conversation with police and civil servants in the town hall. I then indicated what would happen and what problems could arise with Antifa. The problems are the same as now. Then they wanted talks, then they wanted to make agreements. I held to every agreement, the municipality did not." The Antifa movement shares the same ideals as No Nazis in Enschede and Enschede tegen Racisme, according to Tubantia.

The anti-Islam movement plans to go through with Sunday's demonstration. "Mayor I'll tell you one thing: when you do what you say here [in an email banning the demonstrations], you'll have a problem with me on Sunday. Because I'm coming and we'll certainly come. We're not letting a mayor who thinks he is the new Adolf, or I don't know what, reign us in", the Pegida spokesperson said. "I have the right to say my opinion and I am going to do just that."

"I will declare Project X when you do it. And I hope that every Dutchman with a heart for our country and against cunt-Moroccans, Turks and Islam, finally get off their couch and chair and go with me so that I am not alone. Think clearly about what decision you will make because I am not kidding. Everyone knows that. I am true to my word." the Pegida spokesperson said in the video.

He also complained about getting an email about the demonstration at 10:22 a.m. on Thursday with a request to respond by 11:00 a.m.