Father gets community service for assaulting daughter's ex

A 39-year-old father from Helmond was sentenced to 90 days in prison, 88 of which conditionally suspended, and 160 hours of community service for assaulting his daughter's ex-boyfriend and making him walk away naked, ANP reports.

The incident happened late last year. The man's daughter told him that the 17-year-old boy had nude photos and videos of her on his phone. Afraid that the boy would spread these images, the father demanded that he hand over his phone. When he refused, the father punched and pushed him, forced him to take off his clothes and then sent him away, naked. 

The court found the Helmond man guilty of assault, deprivation of freedom, coercion and theft. "The court understands that the man wanted to protect his daughter. But the way he did so is completely unacceptable within the Dutch legal order and society", the court ruled.