Police reopen 2004 murder case; €15,000 reward for information

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The Public Prosecutor and the Zeeland West-Brabant police's Cold Case team reopened the investigation into the murder of Robert Sengers in Esbeek in 2004. A reward of 15 thousand euros is offered for the tip that leads to the perpetrator, AD reports.

Sengers was gunned down in the parking lot of restaurant Het Landgoed in Esbeek on September 8th, 2004 while he was sitting in his car with the engine turned on. The gunman fled on a scooter in the direction of Esbeek-Diessen. THe scooter was found two days later in the groves on Groenstraat in Esbeek, around 2 kilometers from the crime scene. 

At the time the police questioned several witnesses and did extensive investigation into DNA traces found at the scene, but to no avail. The perpetrator was never found. The Cold Case team is now giving it another shot. 

According to AD, Sengers himself had a criminal record. He was friends with Sam Klepper, who was assassinated in October 2000. He had several prison sentences behind him, mostly for armed robbery and theft by violence. Sengers and his brother also had connections in the Breda underworld. 

Between 2000 and his murder, Sengers and his family lived in a villa in Neerpelt in the Belgian Limburg.