Two arrested for fatal Rotterdam bar fight

The police arrested two men suspected of involvement in the death of 52-year-old Melvin Arduin. He died a few days after being attacked in De Vaag bar on Straatweg in Rotterdam in February, AD reports.

The suspects were arrested separately. They are 31 and 35 years old, both from Rotterdam. They are facing charges of public violence. A 19-year-old was previously arrested in Spain and extradited to the Netherlands. He is still in custody. 

During the night of February 3rd witnesses saw Melvin trying to calm down a fight in the toilet area of De Vaag. He was followed outside by a number of men. They attacked him from behind, knocking him out. 

Remarkably, no one intervened in the fight to help Melvin, according to AD. Afterwards the police also struggled to find witnesses willing to talk. A team of 20 detectives are working on the case.