Firefighters find shot man while extinguishing Rotterdam house fire

Fire hose (Photo: Vitaliy Ragulin / Wikimedia Commons)Fire hose (Photo: Vitaliy Ragulin / Wikimedia Commons)

Firefighters found a critically injured man, with what seemed to be gunshot wounds, while extinguishing a fire in a home in Rotterdam on Friday morning, ANP reports.

The fire brigade responded to the house on Hooidrift after a fire broke out there on Friday morning. "During the extinguishing they encountered the victim, who did not seem to be unwell due to smoke. He was very hurt", a police spokesperson said to the news wire. "Our estimation is that he has a gunshot wound."

Emergency services transferred the man to a hospital. The police are investigating what happened to him, but the investigation is hampered by the damage to the house. 

According to the fire department, the fire is under control, but the home's facade is collapsing.