Two arrested after fatal Rotterdam shooting

Arrest (Photo: Politie). (Arrest (Photo: Politie))

The police arrested two men shortly after a 41-year-old man from Barendrecht was shot and killed in his car on Langehorst in Rotterdam on Wednesday morning. They were arrested close to the crime scene. Whether they were involved in the sooting is as yet unclear, the Telegraaf reports.

Police officers noticed the duo shortly after arriving at the scene of the shooting. They were in a car on the terrain of a mortuary, right opposite where the victim's Seat Leon was parked. 

According to the Rotterdam police, the men were arrested because of items found in the car - there is no automatic link to the fatal shooting. Witnesses told the Telegraaf that white license plates and a large sum of money were found. 

The police found the victim during the early hours of Wednesday morning while responding to reports of gunshots from local residents. The man had bullet wounds and was in a critical condition. He was resuscitated at the scene and rushed to hospital, where he died of his injuries.