Suspected Dutch ISIS supporter released from custody

Dutch woman Laura H. will be released from custody and can await trail in freedom, as long as she keeps to a number of conditions, the court in Rotterdam ruled on Thursday. She has to wear an ankle monitor, stay away from borders and airports, check in with the rehabilitation service on a regular basis and is not allowed any contact with her husband, NOS reports.

Laura H. has been imprisoned in the terrorist department of the Vught penitentiary since she returned to the Netherlands from Syria last year. Her lawyer has been advocating for her release for months. Last week the Public Prosecutor said that there is no evidence that H. returned to the Netherlands with orders to commit an attack, and the Prosecutor therefore withdrew objections to H. awaiting her trial in freedom.

The young Dutch woman left for Syria two years ago with her husband and two children. She spent a year living in Raqqa, the ISIS proclaimed caliphate. According to H., her radicalized and violent husband forced her to go. She eventually managed to escape to a Kurdish controlled area with her two children.

Upon her arrival in the Netherlands, H. was arrested on suspicion of participation in a terrorist organization.