Highway A10 West closed for maintenance; 30 mins extra travel time during rush hour

The A10 Ring road in Amsterdam is closed from today for six weeks for maintenance work. Motorists traveling in and around Amsterdam during rush hour should take up to 30 minutes of extra travel time into account for the coming weeks, Ricardo Nuijens, environment manager at Rijkswaterstaat, said to AT5.

For the first three weeks, the A10 West in the southern direction, from Basisweg to the Nieuwe Meer junction, will be closed. After that the opposite direction will be closed for three weeks. "Traffic coming from the north, for example from Zaandam, can travel via the A5, A9 and A4. Or via the A10 North and A10 East", Nuijens said to the Amsterdam broadcaster.

The maintenance caused traffic problems from early on Monday morning already, according to Het Parool. Motorists on the A8 from Zaandam to Amsterdam, the highway that leads to the A10, faced a delay of 20 minutes by 7:00 a.m.

The A10 West will open again on September 4th.