Gang of teen burglars arrested in Rotterdam

Police uniform
Police uniformPhoto: Politie

Over the past two months the Rotterdam police arrested 16 teenagers between the ages of 14- and 19-years-old for involvement in a series of crime in the city, the police said in a statement.

The gang of teenagers are suspected of at least 14 burglaries in Tarwewijk and Charlois. They are also believed to be involved in at least one mugging and scooter theft. All of the suspects come from Rotterdam.

During the arrests, the police found a number of stolen goods in their possession, including expensive watches, necklaces and other jewelry. The police returned most of these stolen items to their rightful owners. Several of the teens were also in possession of tools needed to break into homes. 

According to the police, the number of burglaries in the area dropped significantly after the arrests.