Wet days ahead for Netherlands: 50mm rain expected

When it is hot, usually there will be some storms and rain at the end of the day. .

Bad news for sun lovers - the Netherlands will be cloudy and wet in the coming days. According to Weerplaza, up to 50 millimeters of rain can fall between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon - about the amount usual for two weeks in July.

"That's five large buckets of water per square meter, over 2 thousand baths in one football field or 70 garden swimming pools in one football field", meteorologist Wilfred Janssen put it in perspective for newspaper AD. 

The rain will reach our country from the southwest tonight. During the night and Wednesday, the narrow strip of rain will draw from west to east across the country, leaving the Netherlands again on Wednesday night. Between 30 and 40 millimeters of rain is expected in most places, though some may face up to 50 millimeters. 

The average rainfall in the Netherlands for all of July is about 85 millimeters.