Lock up potential terrorists as precaution: anti-Islam Wilders

Geert Wilders surrounded by bodyguards, Spijkenesse Feb 2017
Geert Wilders surrounded by bodyguards, Spijkenesse Feb 2017Photo: Peter van der Sluijs / Wikimedia Commons

According to PVV leader Geert Wilders, people who pose a threat to national security must be arrested immediately, even if there's little evidence against them. He is submitting a legislative proposal to parliament today that gives intelligence service AIVD the capability of keeping potential terrorists in custody for six months, NOS reports 

Currently people can only be detained if there is sufficient evidence for it. But if Wilders has his way, the AIVD will be able to arrest someone after getting permission from the Home Affairs Minister. A judge must look at the case within a week, but can only test it marginally, according to his proposal. This means that the judge will only look at whether the procedures were followed properly, according to NOS. The Public Prosecutor's role in this is not mentioned.

"We are commemorating victims of attacks in Europe in the Kamer almost every week. We almost always hear that the perpetrators were known to the intelligence services. I want the AIVD to take preventative action", Wilders said to De Telegraaf. "This bill can save lives."