New arrests in severed finger kidnapping; €1 million ransom demanded: Prosecutors


The police made three new arrests in the investigation into the kidnapping of a 37-year-old Rotterdam man in Amstelveen in March. They will be arraigned on Friday, AT5 reports.

A 29-year-old man previously arrested in this case appeared in court on Friday morning. During the hearing it was revealed that the kidnappers wanted a million euros in ransom. The victim had one hour to arrange the money. "Otherwise something would happen to his wife and children", the prosecutor said. 

The victim was violently forced into a car by several masked men in Amstelveen on March 9th. He was later found wounded on the street by a passerby in Leiden. The man had severe head wounds and one of his fingers had been cut off.

Early this month the police announced that they had a breakthrough in the case - investigators found the house where the man was held hostage. The house is located on Spaarnestraat in Leiden, not far from where the man was found after his ordeal. 

The newly arrested suspects are two 23-year-old men from Leiderdorp and a 24-year-old suspect from Alphen aan den Rijn, according to AT5. The magistrate will decide whether or not to keep them in custody during their arraignment on Friday.