Amsterdam gay bashing victim was visiting on holiday; Boyfriend needed oral surgery


What was a lovely holiday visiting his boyfriend in Amsterdam, ended in a nightmare for 23-year-old Kevin from Suriname and his partner. On the last night of his vacation, the two young men were attacked while walking on the Damrak in the Dutch capital. Kevin was left with a torn lip and swelling, his boyfriend had to undergo oral surgery, AT5 reports.

The police believe that the couple's attack was a hate crime. 

The couple was walking along when Kevin's boyfriend was addressed by a boy, according to Kevin. The two talked and things became heated. At that stage Kevin did not know what was going on. A short time later, the couple was walking across the Damrak when the boy again approached them, this time with friends.

The group of boys attacked Kevin's boyfriend, kicking him and throwing him to the ground, before turning their attentions to Kevin himself. Bystanders tried to intervene, but could not stop the assault.

Kevin's boyfriend lost several teeth in the attack. He had to undergo surgery. Kevin returned home with a swollen head, torn lip and a lot of pain, according to the broadcaster.