Massive boom in Amsterdam cheese shops

cheese market Alkmaar
Alkmaar Cheese Market on April 9, 2004 (photo: de:Benutzer:Yoshi / Wikimedia). (Alkmaar Cheese Market on April 9, 2004 (photo: de:Benutzer:Yoshi / Wikimedia))

The number of cheese shops in Amsterdam increased massively over the past decade, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. At the start of this year there were 55 cheese stores in the Dutch capital, an 80 percent increase compared to 2007. Nationwide the number of cheese stores increased 27 percent.

There are currently 605 cheese stores in the Netherlands, or one cheese store per 28 thousand residents. In 2007 the Netherlands counted 475 cheese stores. The bulk of the increase happened over the past three years. Since 2014 a massive 80 new cheese shops opened in the country. 

Amsterdam currently counts one cheese store for every 15 thousand residents. Statistics Netherlands attributes the massive increase in cheese stores in the Dutch capital partly to the large number of tourists who visit the city. Cheese makes a good souvenir. 

Despite the many new cheese stores in Amsterdam, Zuid-Holland is still the province with the largest number of cheese stores - 135 to be exact. Though that number has remained relatively stable over the past decade.