Camel marched down Red Light District part of bachelor party; Supervisor arrested

Camel in Morocco

After 'arresting' an escaped bull on Friday, the Amsterdam police also had to deal with a camel in the Red Light District on Saturday. A group of men marched the camel through the famous Amsterdam neighborhood as part of a bachelor party. The camel supervisor was arrested for an outstanding fine, Het Parool reports.

Local politicians were not impressed by the stunt. "This is really unprecedented and animal abuse", alderman Laurens Ivens said on Twitter. "If it's not yet prohibited, it should be banned soon."

Johnas van Lammeren, chairman of animal party PvdD is furious. "Amsterdam is not a theme park and animals are not entertainment', he tweeted. He reported the action to animal welfare line 144 and is considering pressing charges. 

"Absolutely idiotic animal abuse", PvdA councilor Maarten Poorter said. "Sad and tasteless, does not fit in Amsterdam. Entertainment with animals must stop."