May 8 '20 08:57

Police officers in Rotterdam investigating a report of camel walking loose on the street found an ostrich roaming around instead. The officers were dispatched just after 6:30 a.m. on Friday to the Kiotoweg, part of an industrial area on the outskirts of the city’s northwest side.

The large, flightless bird had escaped from an open patch of land nearby where two ostriches wander around. After some struggle, the bird was herded into a police van and returned to its home, local broadcaster Rijnmond reported.

Apr 18 '18 10:30

The Dutch food and consumer product safety authority NVWA imposed fines on Japan Tobacco International (JTI) for making exclusivity agreements with Dutch student associations, a spokesperson for the NVWA confirmed to news wire ANP.

Sinterklaas arrives in Amsterdam-Osdorp on a camel, 18 Nov 2017
Nov 20 '17 11:50

Sinterklaas paraded through the Amsterdam neighborhood of Osdorp on Saturday on the back of a camel, instead of a horse, with a drum band playing Arabic music and a barrel organ, Het Parool reports.

The neighborhood parade caused some political backlash - from PVV leader Geert Wilders who called it "sick" on Twitter, and animal party PvdD worried about the welfare of the camel - but according to organizer, 15-year-old Salim, he simply wanted to make it a fun parade for his neighbors to enjoy. 

Camel in Morocco
Jun 21 '17 13:50

The municipality of Amsterdam sent letters to all businesses renting camels in the city, informing them that making the animals walk through the busy city is contrary to animal welfare, alderman Laurens Ivens said, AD reports.

Ivens was responding to questions from the PvdD about a camel that was recently paraded through the Red Light District for a bachelor party. That ride was stopped by the police because the supervisor had outstanding fines. 

Camel in Morocco
Jun 5 '17 10:45

After 'arresting' an escaped bull on Friday, the Amsterdam police also had to deal with a camel in the Red Light District on Saturday. A group of men marched the camel through the famous Amsterdam neighborhood as part of a bachelor party. The camel supervisor was arrested for an outstanding fine, Het Parool reports.

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