Two shootings shake Rotterdam; Woman, man hurt in 3rd day of gun violence

Paramedics and a police officer at the scene of an incident (Stock photo: Politie). (Paramedics and a police officer at the scene of an incident (Stock photo: Politie))

A woman and a man were injured in two separate shootings in Rotterdam on Monday night and Tuesday morning. On Sunday night another man was killed in a shooting in the city. 

First responders were dispatched to a shooting incident on Wolphaertsbocht in Charlois around 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday, where a critically injured woman was found. Air ambulance crews were dispatched and te police closed the street. The police are investigating what exactly happened.

A man was injured in a shooting on Vliesridderstraat in Rotterdam-Blijdorp at around 9:30 p.m. on Monday night. Three men were arguing on the street when one of them pulled a weapon and shot the victim, witnesses told newspaper AD.

The victim fled in the direction of Schepenstraat, where he collapsed near Albeda College. The other two men fled in the opposite direction. A local resident gave the victim first aid while emergency services responded, according to the newspaper. The man was conscious and able to speak to the paramedics when he was transported to hospital.

Tuesday is the third consecutive day that someone was hurt in a gun-related incident in the city. On Sunday night a man was shot and killed while barbecuing with friends in front of a home on Paardebloem in Rotterdam-Ommoord.