Surrogate mom responds in paternity mix up: 'Baby belongs with us, her parents'


Gay couple Stefano Franke and Arnout Janssen had to give their two week old baby back to her surrogate mother after a DNA test proved that the woman's husband, and not Stefano, was the baby's father. The surrogate mother still can't believe that her husband is the little girl's father, the 27-year-old woman said to AD. "This was not premeditated", she said. But she is happy that baby Hayley is back where she belongs, with her parents, AD reports.

A DNA test was done on baby Hayley at the suggestion of the Council for Child Protection, and it revealed that the baby was not fathered by Stefano, but by the surrogate's husband. On Saturday the court ruled that she will grow up with her biological parents, after they indicated that they wanted her. 

The mother understands that the hopeful parents are disappointed and upset. "But this was really not premeditated. You have to be heartless to take joy like this away from someone. Then you're sick." The surrogate mother already has three other children, aged 2, 3 and 4 years old. She added that she wasn't planning on having a fourth child, that their family was complete with three. But after it was revealed that Hayley was fathered by her husband, they couldn't let her grow up somewhere else.

The husband is upset that the gay couple took their personal story to the media. "These people had a special place in my heart. I thought until Sunday that Haley should stay with them", he said. But his mind and feelings would not match. "My feeling says that Hayley must be with her parents. I fight for my children. Also for Hayley."

Hayley's biological parents hope that this story will not affect their daughter's future. "If she hears about this, I hope that others won't say I took her from two men."