Witnesses too scared to testify against Hells Angels in Haarlem mayor car arson

The police are struggling with witnesses that are too scared to give a statement in the investigation into the Haarlem chapter of the Hells Angels, prosecutor Jesse van der Putte said during a pro-forma hearing in the case against Hells Angels leader Lysander de R. on Thursday, the Telegraaf reports.

De R. is standing trial with eight other members of the motorcycle gang and his girlfriend. They were all arrested in January in a coordinated action on the motorcycle gang, including a raid on the Hells Angels clubhouse. De R. is suspected of a list of 16 crimes, including violence, extortion, threats, possession of firearms and leading a criminal organization. He is also suspected of being responsible for torching the car of former Haarlem Mayor Bernt Schneiders and for a shootout between the Hells Angels and rival gang the Mongols at a hotel in Rotterdam in April last year. 

The biker gang leader's lawyer, Remco Kint, called for his client to be released from custody. According to him, the prosecutor's case consists of "rumors" and the entire investigation is based on "loose ends and no evidence". 

The court will decide on Monday whether De R. will remain in custody.