Missing Dutch taxi driver linked to body found in German forest

The Dutch police are almost certain that a body found in a German forest, just across the border from the Limburg town of Susteren, over the weekend is the Dutch driver of a taxi found abandoned on the A12 near Zevenhuizen on Sunday morning. The taxi driver is a young man in his early 20s, AD reports.

The body was found by hikers from Susteren while walking in Germany with their dogs. One of the animals did not come back when called, and when the hikers went to find him, they also found the body. An autopsy revealed that the victim was stabbed eight times in his chest and four times in his back. One of the stab wounds punctured a lung. It is still unclear how long the victim was in the forest before being discovered. The German authorities are still working on identifying the victim officially, but the police are almost certain that it is the missing taxi driver.

The taxi was found on the A12 near Zevenhuizen with the keys still in the ignition. There was blood on the keys and in the car. A 45-year-old man without permanent residence was arrested near the abandoned taxi on Sunday. He is held on suspicion of murder or manslaughter, the Dutch police said. 

Blood traces were also found on the Oude Kerk street in Spaubeek, Limburg. According to AD, the authorities are investigating whether this is connected. Part of the investigation is focused on figuring out exactly what route the taxi drove before being abandoned.