More Italians, Americans and Brits expected in Amsterdam for King's Day

King's Day 2018 in Amsterdam
Boats parade down the inner city canals while revellers gather on the streets to celebrate King's Day in Amsterdam. Apr. 27, 2018Photo: Vlade-Mir / DepositPhotos

Foreign tourists are increasingly joining King's Day celebrations in Amsterdam, according to online travel agency Expedia. Compared to last year, significantly more foreign tourists, specifically Italians, Brits and Americans, booked hotels in the Dutch capital around King Willem-Alexander's birthday on April 27th, BNR reports.

The number of Italians in Amsterdam on King's day almost doubled compared to last year. The number of American tourists increased by 25 percent. 

The number of Dutch booking hotels in Amsterdam for King's Day decreased by more than half, on the other hand. According to Rene Nieuwmans, head of the Central Europe region at Expedia, this probably has to do with Easter happening only two weeks ago - many people went away for Easter and can't afford to or don't want to go away again so soon. But Nieuwmans expects that Amsterdam will still be full of Dutch day visitors tomorrow.