Rapid-growing Eindhoven Airport urgently needs a train station: Politicians

The Brabant faction of political party CDA joined the call for a intercity train station at the . According to the party, the train station would not only improve accessibility to the airport, but also to the larger region around it, Omroep Brabant reports.

Briainport-region Eindhoven has been calling for a train station at the airport for some time. The CDA is now joining their voice to this call.

"The accessibility of Eindhoven Airport needs to be improved, especially taking into account the growing number of passengers flying through Eindhoven Airport and the pressure on the Eindhoven road network", Huseyin Bahar of the CDA said to the broadcaster. The airport will also improve accessibility to the rest of the region and draw more foreign tourists to Tilburg and Den Bosch, he added.

The CDA calls on the province to take the lead in making sure that the procedures needed for the station is accelerated and funded. This will help make sure that the station can open sooner than the estimated 2030. No new track needs to be built for this station.