Unique WSP quad bike stolen; Owner puts up €10K reward

WSP quad bike stolen from R2R Store in Eindhoven, 17 Apr 2017
WSP quad bike stolen from R2R Store in Eindhoven, 17 Apr 2017Photo: R2R Store Eindhoven / Facebook

An almost unique WSP quad bike was one of several items stolen from R2R Store in Eindhoven during the early hours of Monday morning. Owner Maikel de Laat posted surveillance camera images of the perpetrators on Facebook and offered a 10 thousand euros reward for the tip that leads to the return of the stolen items, Omroep Brabant reports.

The R2R offroad store is located on Leemkuil in Eindhoven. De Laat estimates that about 35 thousand euros worth of items were stolen, including the WSP quad bike, two KTM bikes and his daughter's scooter. There were four perpetrators and one getaway driver in a silver gray car. It took them about three minutes to rob him bind, De Laat said to the broadcaster.

The WSP Quad that was stolen is one of only three ever made. Even worse is that it does not belong to De Laat, but to a customer who brought it in for a service. 

De Laat is surprised by what the thieves took. "They just took things that are difficult to trade. While leaving the dirt bikes, for example", he said. The quad in particular is immediately recognizable. The stolen items aren't insured. De Laat calls it "very incidental" that the robbery happened less than a week after the started installing an advanced security system. 

The Facebook post with the perpetrators' photos already resulted in a number of tips, which De Laat handed over to the police. If the perpetrators aren't caught by Wednesday, he will increase the reward. "From ten thousand euros in total to five thousand euros per perpetrator", he said to Omroep Brabant. "Let them rat each other out."