New investigation launched into Aruban man's death in police custody

Mitch Henriquez
Mitch Henriquez. (Mitch Henriquez / Facebook)

On Thursday the court in The Hague ordered a new investigation into the cause of ' death in police custody in 2015. The two current reports on how the 42-year-old Aruban man died in 2015 are so different that the court feels a third opinion is necessary, RTL Nieuws reports.

Mitch Henriquez was arrested at a music festival in The Hague in June 2015. He . A pathologist working for the Netherlands Forensic Institute concluded that he most likely suffocated used on him during the arrest.

Late last month forensic doctor Kees Das, , released a report that states that Henriquez

Due to these different conclusions, the court decided to get the opinion of a third expert. A forensic doctor from the NFI will conduct a new investigation into the cause of Henriquez' death. 

To give the third expert chance to do this, the trial against the two police officers was postponed to November.