Heavy traffic expected as Netherlands' spring break starts

Arnhem, the Netherlands Photo by Neushorn/Wikimedia Commons .

Traffic information service ANWB expects major traffic jams across the Netherlands today and tomorrow as the Dutch spring break kicks off. The ANWB particularly warns of traffic problems on roads heading towards ski areas, RTL Nieuws reports.

Spring break starts today in the northern parts of the Netherlands. Some 400 thousand Dutch are expected to head towards snow in Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland. On Saturday Dutch travelers should take traffic jams and extra travel time into account on main roads in Germany and France. In Austria traffic problems are expected on access routes to ski resorts.

When returning home, skiers should be aware that there may be checks at border crossings with Germany, ANWB warns. 

Most Dutch will be heading to Austria for skiing, according to ANWB. France comes a close second, followed by Germany and Switzerland.

Spring break starts next week for the central and southern regions of the Netherlands.