Fmr. No Surrender boss arrested again, only four days after release

No Surrender
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The former leader of motorcycle gang No Surrender, , was arrested from his bed in Bergen op Zoom on Friday morning, his lawyer Louis de Leon confirmed to Omroep Brabant. This arrest comes only four days after he was released from custody on Monday. His righthand man Janus de V. was also arrested, according to the broadcaster.

A court in Breda released Otto from custody on Monday, placing him under house arrest with an ankle monitor. Otto is awaiting trial on charges of threats, extortion, arson and assault.

The police stated that Otto was arrested on Friday because he did not follow the strict conditions of his house arrest. Those included that he was allowed no contact with co-defendants or witnesses in the case against him. 

Otto's daughter claims that the SWAT team used unnecessary violence when arresting Otto. "We were scared to death. The police arrested my father many times, but that always happened neatly, and my father always cooperated", she said to the Telegraaf. "This time they drove in with an armored car. The whole window is broken. We thought it was a terrorist action."