Nijmegen police reprimanded for out of control Christmas party

police. (Photo: Politie)

A Christmas party for the Nijmegen police last month ended with police officers passed out and "urinating in sinks", according to an internal email in which a police team leader calls his colleagues to order, which the Gelderlander managed to get hold of. 

"We issued a card that does not fit with our position iin the Nijmegen society", the email reads. "How can we as independent law enforcement enter a bar tomorrow and call others on their behavior."

According to the email, "there was with some colleagues talk of excessive drinking, there was urinating in sinks, outside consumed alcohol was thrown up onto the pavement and the bar staff felt uncomfortable with the behavior of our group."

Gelderland district chief Lute Nieuwerth told the newspaper that further investigation showed that the party was not as out of hand as the email suggests. At the very least, no crimes were committed. "Otherwise I would have intervened. Puking because of the shooters is, in my opinion, in the category annoying and embarrassing. We reprimanded the involved colleagues."

The owner of the bar called the police Christmas party a "nice party" and told the newspaper he saw no excessive drinking or urinating in sinks. "They drank thoroughly, but otherwise there was not much for me to worry about. We've experienced crazier Christmas parties."